Sonuscore has launched the first stage of its Black November Sale, in which it deliver its steepest discounts of the year.

The first stage covers their magical Phrases and Origins series, with 40% discount off each library. There is also a deal on bundles, with 50% off the Lyrical and Origins bundles.

The Lyrical bundle includes three collections of beautifully recorded phrases, including those from vocals, violin, and cello. The Origins bundle includes our outstanding and meticulously sampled ethnic instruments, including the balalaika, sansula, oud, music box and more.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had such a massive Black November sale at all at Sonuscore,” Tilman Sillescu at Sonuscore says. “We have an extremely strong offer this year and you can be curious about the later stages – this will be a great November if you want to buy the best Sonuscore instruments for few money!”

The Black November sales continue with new discount deals every week. Additionally, Sonuscore has launched a free Phrases Compilation for Kontakt, a colorful mix of 85 phrases featuring 5 different instruments: Cello, Violin, Dong Xiao, Duduk, and Lute.

This freebie offers an insight into the phrase-concept of our successful Lyrical Series and Ethnic Series, a cosmos full of incredibly beautiful and fully-playable phrase instruments. It also brings up phrases from two instruments we’ve never released before: the Duduk and Lute.

More information: Sonuscore