Black Octopus Sound has launched Superfluidity, a sample pack featuring a 3 GB collection of premium Drum & Bass and Drumstep samples by sound designer Paradigm Theorem.

Black Octopus Sound Superfluidity

Superfluidity is saturated in more Liquid than any normal container could hold with over 2200 samples and loops ready to get your groove on.

With 300 break loops all with 6 variations per kit recorded again with just the tops you can easily find the sound you want and the rhythm you are looking for and start cutting and dropping your own flavour with ease. All drums and more are also included as separate one shots with 800 crisp and punchy samples for you to start creating your own unique grooves. To make things even easier we’ve added 150 break fills and 25 FX fills to cut up your loops along with 300 risers, impacts and crash FX to drop that underlying intrigue all over the place.

To kick your inspiration into high gear we’ve got over 100 original instruments of all kinds in over 300 high quality one shots and 82 loops covering bass, Arpeggio, Chords, Rhythm and Atmosphere so you can drag and drop, slice, dice and rewrite to your hearts desire.

Superfluidity features

  • 800 perfectly mastered drum samples: 100 Thumping Kicks, 100 Punchy Snares, 100 Light Snares, 50 Crunchy Claps, 150 Crisp Hi-Hats, 100 Diverse Percussion Sounds, 50 Sizzling Cymbal Rides, 50 Reversed Cymbals, 50 Dynamic Crashes, 50 Rhythmic Shakers.
  • 775 Drum Loops: 300 Break Loops, 300 Top Loops, 150 Break Fills, 25 FX Fills.
  • 305 Musical Instrument Samples: 24 Arpeggios, 71 Atmospheres, 40 Sustained Bass Notes (9 Basses), 100 Diverse Chords and Chord Effects, 70 Rhythm Instruments at Multiple Octaves, 20 Bass Loops, 62 Rhythm Loops.
  • 300 Effects: 100 Soft Riser textures, 100 Atmospheric Impacts, 100 Crash Effects.

The sample pack is available for purchase from Loopmasters for £44.95 GBP.

More information: Black Octopus Sound / Superfluidity