Black Rooster Audio has launched the new and improved version its our best selling VLA-2A, an effect plugin that captures the beauty of opto-electronics by adding warm, breathy compression and tube saturation to your tracks, for that unmistakable vintage flair.

The predecessor to the VLA-2A dates back to the early 1960s, when it was originally used for broadcast. Engineers quickly noticed that the tubes in this unit, as well as its multi-stage release and frequency-dependent attack and response, lend incredibly well to music production as well.

The VLA-2A was faithfully modeled to the original unit, perfectly capturing all of its character and making it an instant favorite!

The VLA-2A Mark II will throw you back in time, giving you that authentic vintage feel, without feeling antiquated, thanks to our careful refinement and added features. A true Black Rooster Audio classic, this unit is a vintage classic with a twist!

Changes in VLA-2A Mark II

  • Cell Selector: Choose from 3 different opto-electric cells (A, B, and C), each with its own set of attack and release times.
  • Emphasis Control: Keep high frequencies in check while controlling the sidechain, and preventing overmodulation.
  • Sidechain: Control the gain reduction on your signal via the envelope of the external sidechain signal.
  • Make-up Gain: Optimize your output signal by trimming it with the all new make-up gain control.
  • Mix Control: You can now mix in the compressed signal with the original for maximum control.
  • Optimized GUI to better fit your DAW.

Available for Windows and Mac (VST, AU and AAX), VLA-2A Mark II is on sale for a time-limited intro price of $59 USD (regular $129 USD). The update to VLA-2A Mark II is free for owners of the original VLA-2A plugin.

More information: Black Rooster Audio