BLEASS has announced the release of a unique sample and synthesis instrument that marks the 10th anniversary of the first version of SampleWiz.

A collaboration with legendary keyboardist Jordan Rudess, SampleWiz 2 combines modern features such as granular and cloud sample engines, with the satisfying, rapid workflow of classic hardware samplers.

Available for iPad or iPhone, the app lets you easily capture any sound and transform it into a playable, expressive, gorgeous-sounding synth voice with just a few swipes of your finger.

Over a career spanning more than 40 years (and counting), Jordan Rudess has built a formidable reputation. His exquisite skills as a keyboardist have graced the recordings and tours of Dream Theater, David Bowie, Liquid Tension Experiment and Rod Morgenstein to name but a few. Jordan is also recognised as something of a savant in the world of sound design, and has collaborated over many years with synth manufacturers such as Korg, Moog and IK Multimedia. And as if that weren’t enough feathers for one cap, Jordan is a pioneer in the use of iOS in music creation and performance, and has worked on numerous groundbreaking music apps over the last decade, for example Geoshred and Morphwiz.

With this new collaboration, BLEASS has distilled the phenomenal breadth and depth of Jordan’s musical knowledge and experience into an intuitive and inspirational synthesizer that has the flexibility to expand the creativity of each and every musician.

SampleWiz 2 runs as a standalone app and as an AUv3 plugin within your host app. It features a number of performance interfaces, MPE support, simple sampling and a comprehensive suite of tools for chopping, granularizing, modulating, and adding effects to your sound designs. The app also comes with an overdrive processor, multi-mode filter, 2 freely assignable LFOs and an ADSR envelope, a unique Motion Sequencer, alongside delay and reverb processors.

Available on the App Store, SampleWiz 2 is on sale at an intro price of $9.99 USD until January 5th, 2022 (regular $19.99 USD). A desktop version for Windows and Mac is scheduled for release in 2022.

More information: BLEASS