Bleep Labs has announced that its The Bleep Drum drum machine with sequencer and pitch-adjustable samples, is now also available with a MIDI input.

The Bleep Drum with MIDI

The Bleep Drum is an Arduino based drum machine designed by Dr. Bleep.

The Bleep Drum has been upgraded with full MIDI control.

Now you can trigger the four samples, toggle noise and reverse modes, as well as change the pitch of all four samples with any device that can send MIDI.

Retrofit kits available to upgrade any previous Bleep or Dam Drum.

The kit with MIDI is available to purchase for $75 USD (DIY) / $110 USD (assembled). The MIDI versions ship in mid November, 2013. The MIDI retrofit kit is available to purchase for $17 USD.

More information: Bleep Labs / The Bleep Drum