French artist and sound designer Sylvain Stoppani of Blinksonic° has announced the release of updates for its RUIDOZ°, AETØNZ°, SUBSTANZ° and VOZ° ensembles, bringing the original sound concepts to the free Reaktor Player platform.

Sylvain Stoppani

As Native Instruments announced it few weeks ago, Reaktor powers now third-party synths and effects.
I am delighted to confirm that all BLINKSONIC° instruments are now formatted to be compatible with the free REAKTOR PLAYER.

They can be opened either in standalone or as a VST/AU/AAX plug-in within your favorite DAW. 
This, with no extra cost, because for now it’s not necessary to have a full license of Reaktor 6 to run RUIDOZ°, AETØNZ°, SUBSTANZ° and VOZ°.


AETØNZ° (19.99 EUR) is a polytonal sampler with a set of classic synthesis parameters, processed by global envelope, filter, LFO, effects, and pitch components.

Blinksonic Aetonz

Add some adrenaline with a pure random concept ! Play further notes in scale… You get random combination of textures that stay in tune.

The sound is moving… but the harmony is still ! Based on 2 maps of 114 original acoustic and synthetic tones, AETØNZ° offers 9 banks with 207 snapshots of prepared hybrid sounds.

Changes in AETØNZ°

  • NKS integration entirely revised with custom control pages (MASCHINE2/KOMPLETE).
  • CPU performance improved, fixed of the performance regression when using Resynth module (related to the latest Reaktor 6.2 update).


RUIDOZ° (19.99 EUR) is an electronic percussion generator and sample mangler. This sound design instrument aims to create original sequences and a wide variety of sound textures.

Blinksonic Ruidoz

No more static rhythm and stated percussion loops… Just (des)humanized the basic pulse and the ambience of your beats with random function & a collection of 340 one shot samples.

Over 300 original glitchy beats, noisy percussions rhythms and either soundscapes, HUD sounds, semi harmonic phrases and mechanical riffs are included.

Changes in RUIDOZ°

  • New Light guide mapping for Komplete Kontrol S.
  • Some parameters have been recalibrated for a more precise signal.
  • New horizontal UI available with the View B.
  • New NKS mapping with custom control pages (MASCHINE2/KOMPLETE).
  • CPU performance improved, fixed of the performance regression when using Resynth module (related to the latest Reaktor 6.2 update).


SUBSTANZ° (29.99 EUR) is an addictive and powerful groovebox and finger drumming platform which offers a paradigm of performance, originality and inspiration.

Blinksonic Substanz

SUBSTANZ° is a complete arsenal for performing modern beats with only 4 tracks. Less is more ! Recycle ideas in the studio and get pro-actively inspired during live sets. The instrument comes with a collection of multilayered sound material.

244 raw files, 128 kits, only wait for being launched by your fingers. Smash the whole mix with the FX PROCESSORZ, a wide bus of 25 effects modules that can be instantly triggered via midi.

Changes in SUBSTANZ°

  • Velocity per track have been added.
  • CPU performance improved, fixed of the performance regression when using Resynth module (related to the latest Reaktor 6.2 update).
  • The Mixer and Send Effect routings have been revised,
  • All “Decay” knobs have been recalibrated to improve their accuracy,
  • In random mode, the sample select knobs indicate the current sample triggered,
  • “Solo” buttons have been added to each track for momentary isolation of the track,
  • The Global Pitch is now processed downstream from all other pitch parameters (pitch per track and pitch step sequencer)
  • Improved GUI for FX Processorz. To access the parameters of each effect click the “Momentary” button. To apply the effect, click the toggle button now represented by the effect symbol. (This behaviour is identical to the Block PROCESSORZ °, a free download available from the Reaktor User Library)
  • Snapshots have been reorganized and partially renamed.
  • Includes 20 new kits, for a total of 80 additional raw files.
  • A new bank containing 33 new snapshots.
  • A new bank of 128 snapshots compiles all existing snapshots as drum kits without needing to be launched by the internal sequencer. These kits were designed to be immediately triggered either by external sequencers (DAW) or by midi.
  • A cleaner “view B” shows only the main parts of the interface, designed to take less space on the display according to the workflow used within a DAW.
  • New NKS mapping (Light Guide, Native Map®).
  • The “scope” viewer has been removed to reduce the CPU load.


VOZ° (89.99 EUR) explores various aspects on how vocal sound material can be operated in a virtual instrument and allows to inject a dose of human soul in modern electronic composition.

Blinksonic Voz

Highly customizable and flexible, VOZ° is probably the vocal sound object, the wildest one of its kind. The perfect client for injecting some craziness and rock attitude over your electronic music production ! VOZ° concept proposes to use human vocal formants as an oscillation source with more than 1300 raw files.

A unique set of micro sampled vocal parts : vowels, phonetics, accents, words and onomatopoeias. It’s also, 200 presets of psychedelic choirs, evolving pads, backing vocals, rising screams, funky hits, experimental sound fx, playable vocal parts.. Be inspired & make the machine sing ! This powerful sampling engine can produce multi layer evolved voice combinations and generative music with its expandable sampling concept.

Changes in VOZ°

  • New NKS mapping with custom control pages (MASCHINE2/KOMPLETE).
  • New bank of presets with 37 snapshots.

The updates are free for existing users.

More information: Blinksonic°