Blinksonic has announced PROCESSORZ°, a Reaktor Blocks device that combines 25 colorful effects which can be played in real-time like an instrument via a MIDI keyboard.

Blinksonic Processorz

Taken from SUBSTANZ° Groove Sampler, PROCESSORZ° is a classic remix concept transposed here in the Blocks framework.
Remix, smash and twist your tracks in real time. Add glitch movements and make your mix scream. All effects can be launch instantly or in locked position.

Each effects have 2 basics calibrated parameters which can be controled via the A/B modulations from any devices or sources available inside your block.
To get a bonus of expressivity, this modulation events can be turned on and off via MIDI, the same way you press on effects buttons.

PROCESSORZ° can be plugged to 4 differents stereo sources inside your block. The effect dose of each tracks can be parameter with the 4 sends control knobs.
It also works pretty well as a plugin effect inside your DAW (Ableton Live, Maschine).

PROCESSORZ° is as minimalist as powerful for adding some vibrant audio events and changing dimension of any sounds. Many combinations are possible with this kind of FX periodic table.

PROCESSORZ° for Reaktor 6 (full version) is a free download at the Native Instruments Reaktor Community.

More information: Blinksonic