RV Samplepacks has released Blissed Out Synths 2, a collection of synthesized melodies and chord progressions sampled from classic vintage instruments, enriched and manipulated to create lush pads and atmospheric drones and delicate synth leads.

RV Samplepacks Blissed Out Synths 2

The sample pack includes over 80 rich synth loops and 71 inspirational hits and sampler patches from a wealth of vintage synthetic sources. Included are leads, chords, progressions, fx and swells from Hammond Organs, Sequential Circuits Prophets, Farfisas, Pianos and more.

Each sound has been lovingly created with outboard equipment of the highest order and recorded with meticulous attention to detail – capturing the vibrations, noise and nuances of these vintage machines. Over 70 sampler patches are included and formatted for the major daws – also included are 88 Rex2 files which deliver the Loops pre-sliced for expanded sonic experimentation.

As with all Loopmasters packs, all melodic content is key-labelled for instant application in your daw. At tempos from 100-120BPM, Blissed Out Synths in perfect for Synthwave, Electrionica, Deep House, Ambient and Downtempo genres.

The sample pack costs £14.95 GBP. Parts are also available separately.

More information: RV Samplepacks / Blissed Out Synths 2