Blortblort has announced the release of a presets pack for the Relayer creative precision delay plugin by UVI.

Echoes includes a collection of 206 presets, organized into four categories.

“drums” were programmed for drum parts, but don’t let that limit you! Use them on whatever you like! They just happen to be more “open” and less likely to sound cluttered on a drumloop or an otherwise repeating rhythmic pattern

“insert treatments” makes use of the very special sound colorations tools that are available in Relayer.
These presets do NOT actually have any “delay” aspect…the are for coloration only…(using the Modulation, Diffusion, Color, and Master Filter settings…)
while Relayer does not actually allow you to “turn off the delay” on the wet signal…I’ve set the delay time to the absolute minimum so that these presets can be used in an instance of Relayer PRIOR to any other delay (…OR an additional instance of Relayer that DOES use the delay parameters!)

“inserts” are the majority of the presets included in this set. These presets are meant to used ON the audio and instrument tracks in your DAW

“sends” are exactly the same presets as the “inserts”…however (for convenience…) the “sends” button in Relayer is activated so that ONLY the WET signal is passed.
These presets are for use on the return channels of the mixer in your DAW

The Echoes pack costs $16 USD. You can get a 40% discount on your purchase through June 16th with coupon code LOVE at checkout.

More information: Blortblort