Blortblort has released Filmstrips from the 70’s, a soundset featuring a collection of 92 new sounds for the Repro-1 synthesizer instrument from u-he.

Having spent a lot of time with the Sequential Circuits Pro-One synthesizer 35 years ago, blortblort felt right at home with u-he’s faithful emulation of the classic synth.

For the Filmstrips from the 70’s, I wanted to get those sounds that I so loved to make as well as push this beast to see what COULD be done with the new features included here.

I hope there is something for everyone. I initially planned to include only 64 preset… but I could not help myself. There are likely to be 90+ by the time you read this

The soundset costs $20 USD. Use coupon code THEWORDIS to get 25% discount through October 13th, 2017.

More information: Blortblort