Blortblort has released Permut8’d phun, a free collection of presets for the Permut8 effect plugin by Sonic Charge.

Permut8 is a sound design kaleidescope. If you don’t own it, and you are passionate about sound manipulation, you owe yourself a gift.

As of the 1.1 update of Permut8, Magnus (the genius behind Soniccharge) put out “firmware banks” for Permut8. These are special banks that replace/extend the capabilities of Permut8 by changing it’s native algorithms.

This free presets pack was made with 3 firmware banks: Trancelvania, FOOBar, and Mozaik. Additionally, it includes a bank created using Permut8’s native algorithms.

Permut8’d phun is available as a “Pay what you want” download, including free.

More information: Blortblort