Blortblort has released a collection of 154 presets for the Echoboy versatile echo effect plugin from Soundtoys.

Murmurations is geared towards the more unusual and lo-fi capabilities of Echoboy.

Murmurations are the graceful, undulating patterns starlings create when they flock together in the sky. Scientists are still unsure how the birds coordinate their movements so quickly and free of collision. Because of the way this set of Echoboy presets has been made, you might think of the echoes moving in the same sort of way that starlings in a murmuration move….maybe ;] In any case, that definition is the inspiration for the name.

There are several “types” of presets included in this set: Character and Color (which mostly have no echoes and emphasize saturation and/or wow/flutter. there are some that have more reverb diffusion. there are some that are contingent to specific labelled BPMs to get the most effective use. There are some that are created to showcase the “rush” and “drag” timing options that are often overlooked and under appreciated in Echoboy! …and there those presets that rely on color and unique timing.

Priced $20 USD, the Murmurations pack is on sale at a 40% intro discount with coupon code starlings at checkout (valid through April 17th, 2022).

More information: Blortblort