blortblort has launched a presets pack for Stutter Edit that includes a collection of 40+ sets of gestures for iZotope’s innovate audio manipulation plugin. Each set contains at least 16 gestures in each preset.

blortblort Pickled Beats

saying that iZotope’s Stutter Edit IS an amazing tool hardly begins to describe the power of this device.

with one “key down” (gesture) on your MIDI controller, you can apply seriously complex combinations of stutters, buffering, delay, various filters, resampling and bit crushing……. all in REAL TIME and all with VERY little CPU hit.
It must be magic. There can be no other reasonable explanation ;].

In any case-

pickled beats focus is on the Stutter portion of the tool (however there may be a couple of sets that contain Generator gestures by the time the package is available for sale) and as such, most of the sets and gestures were creating while playing drum tracks and rhythm loops.
That said, running vocals or melodic material through pickled beats is totally encouraged.
Don’t be afraid to bend the rules a little when it comes to source material.
That is another wonderful thing about Stutter Edit- the same set of gestures can be applied to a rhythmic as a melodic track and it can yield very different results.

Go find some happy accidents with pickled beats.

Pickled Beats is available at 25% off with coupon code C0nTR0L through June 8th, 2017.

More information: blortblort