Blue Cat Audio has released a complete re-creation of the vintage “Vibe” pedals in a plugin, with a couple of twists.

Blue Cat’s PolyVibe is based on the original pedal designs from the sixties and with a couple of innovations, letting you recreate these legendary sounds and explore new tonal universes. The plugin can indeed simulate many kinds of “vibes” such as chorus, phaser, rotary or wah/vocal effects, while keeping this particular vintage flavor that is so typical to “vibe” pedals.

Thanks to all these extensions, the plugin is not only suitable for guitars, but for many other instruments, including the human voice.

Like the original “Uni-Vibe” pedal (a registered trademark of Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc.) played by Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour and many others, the PolyVibe plug-in gives you access to a wide range of vintage “vibe” tones, and actually much more!

Using the original filters designs as a starting point, the plug-in lets you control their shape and motion in details to create new modulation effects, with two extra modes. It can also produce stereo vibe effects, while most pedals are still limited to mono these days.

PolyVibe features

  • Re-creation and extension of the original “vibe” pedals in a plugin.
  • Create new effects with the 3 filter modes: classic, reverse and phase.
  • Total control over the filters shapes and motion.
  • “Swing” control for more musical effects.
  • Control the stereo width of the effect.
  • Synchronize the LFO to the host application, or control the effect with automation or a MIDI expression pedal.
  • Navigate presets and create new tones easily with the tone maps explorer.

Available for Windows and Mac in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats, the plugin is on sale for the intro price of 59 USD/EUR at the Blue Cat Audio store and from distributor Plugin Boutique until May 19th, 2022 (regular 79 USD/EUR).