Sample Magic Magic AB

Blue Cat Audio has announced that Sample Magic is licensing Blue Cat Audio’s “Kitty” audio plug-ins development kit for their new “Magic AB” audio plug-in.

Sample Magic’s Magic AB referencing plug-in is a simple, powerful reference tool that allows the producer to switch between the audio they are working on in their DAW and up to nine reference tracks in an instant. It was built with Blue Cat Audio’s plug-ins development toolkit, making it available on both Mac and PC, in VST, Audio Unit, AAX and RTAS formats.

“Magic AB is the first in the series of revolutionary mix tools, and we are delighted to be working with Blue Cat Audio on this project.” said Marc Adamo of Sample Magic. “They have proven that they can produce high end, stable plugins across all the major platforms, and are always up to date with the changes in technology and formats. this is very important from a technology partner when you have long term goals.”

“As soon as Sample Magic contacted us to develop this new plug-in, we got very enthusiastic about it” says Guillaume Jeulin, founder and CEO of Blue Cat Audio. “The concept looked so simple and powerful that it was surprising that nobody ever came up with such a great idea before. It is such an essential tool that we even use it on a daily basis for listening tests of our own software! Using our “Kitty” platform for the development made a great difference: once fully designed, this unique tool was made available on most Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) in record time.”

More information: Blue Cat Audio