Blue Cat Audio has announced the release of Re-Head, a brand new audio plugin created to make using headphones easier for musicians and audio professionals.


Re-Head aims to solve the problem where listening through headphones gives a distinctly different experience compared to listening through studio monitors, as well as fatigue when using headphones for an extended time.

The Re-Head plug-in is based around a unique ‘head response’ model that simulates the way the listener’s head affects the audio coming from the studio monitors. To create a simulated acoustic space Re-Head also uses stereo processing to avoid the hard-panned sound associated with listening on headphones, a spectrum analyzer, EQ – and you can even add an impulse response representation of your own mixing room.

Re-Head will create a mixing room experience when using headphones. It’s also useful for musicians while recording distorted guitars and other instruments that tend to sound unnaturally in-your-face in a headphone mix.

Re-Head can not replace studio monitors, but rather make the transition from speakers to headphones and vice versa less dramatic.

Re-Head features

  • “Head response” model: get a more natural tone when working with headphones.
  • Adjust the position and the angle between the virtual speakers.
  • Adjust the brightness.
  • Built-in EQ and spectrum analyzer.
  • Impulse response (IR) loader to mimic your listening room.
  • Frequency compensation for a number of popular mixing headphones.Flip the left and right channels.
  • Zero latency.

The plugin is on sale for the intro price of 34 USD/EUR until June 14th, 2020. The regular price is 49 USD/EUR.

More information: Blue Cat Audio