Blue Cat Audio has released new versions of a selection of its multi-effects processors which are also capable of hosting third party plugins.

These free updates add the ability to load third party Audio Unit plug-ins that are not compatible with Apple Silicon while running natively on the M1 processor. PatchWork and Axiom applications now also include a network server mode to be run remotely from another app with the recently released Connector plug-in. They also include several enhancements and fixes.

Changes in the update

  • Native Apple Silicon (M1) version can now load 64-bit Audio Units that are not compatible with Apple Silicon (via the MacOS bridge).
  • Presets can now be loaded via MIDI even when the user interface is closed.
  • Fixed MPC Beat plugin not loading.
  • Fixed VST3 version not always loading properly in Ableton Live 11.
  • Fixed latency compensation changes not always picked up by host applications.
  • VST3: Fixed parameters update issues in Studio One when bouncing tracks.
  • (PatchWork & Axiom) New “network server” mode to run as an audio/MIDI processing server for the Connector plugin.
  • (PatchWork & Axiom) Improved MIDI events timing precision in the application.
  • (PatchWork & Axiom) Audio engine can now be restarted from the audio settings window in the application.
  • (PatchWork & Axiom) Windows: ASIO Control panel can now be launched from the audio settings window in the application.

The updated versions of Axiom, PatchWork, MB-7 Mixer and Late Replies are free to owners of respective plugins.

New users can purchase them at the Blue Cat Audio store and from Plugin Boutique at discounts of up to 23% off until April 30th, 2022.