Blue Cat Audio Freeware Plugins Pack

Blue Cat Audio has announced the release of new versions of all its free audio plugins for both Mac and PC.

The new versions bring several fixes as well as new windows installers that allow the installation of all plugins at once.

Changes Blue Cat Freeware Plugins Pack

  • New Windows Installer (much faster install, improved upgrades and single bundle installer).
  • Blue Cat’s Skinnning Language 1.6.1 support.
  • Bug Fix (PC): Cubase freezes when loading a preset using a different skin while the plugin window is open.
  • Bug Fix: undo / redo could fail when using the fine edit dialog in some specific scenaarios (focus issue).

The 9 plugins are available for download for free as a single bundle or separately in Audio Unit, VST and DirectX formats.

More information: Blue Cat Audio / Blue Cat Freeware Plugins Pack