Blue Cat Audio has announced the release of an update to its Late Replies, a powerful delay and multi-effect plugin that can be indefinitely extended by hosting third party VST/VST3 or AU plugins anywhere in the signal path.

Version 1.6 introduces the ability to define macro parameters accessible from the simplified “easy” view.

It is now possible to create your own delay and reverb effects and hide their complexity behind a very simple customizable user interface. Many factory presets have also been revisited to let users interact with the effects easily without having to dig into the structure of the preset.

Version 1.6 also brings a couple of workflow improvements, such as the ability to tap tempo in “manual tempo sync” mode, better integration with physical control surfaces and more.

Changes in Late Replies v1.6

  • New macro controls editor to edit plug-in parameters mapping and create your own delay/reverb effects with their own controls.
  • Assign multiple parameters from multiple effects to a single macro control, and adjust the range for each parameter.
  • Assign a name to each macro control, that is now displayed in automation lanes in most host applications (may require a session reload in some cases).
  • Parameters names for existing sessions will be automatically updated upon load.
  • Select macro knobs appearance among 18 predefined styles.
  • Updated hundreds of presets with macro parameters: you can now keep Late Replies in “EZ” mode and have access to main sub-plug-ins parameters without having to dig into the structure of the preset.
  • New learn modes to quickly assign plug-in parameters.
  • Added an option in global & preset input settings to send MIDI events when MIDI-enabled parameters are modified in the plug-in (to update control surfaces accordingly).
  • You can now tap tempo when using the “manual tempo” sync mode.
  • Improved VST parameter value display in some host applications.
  • Fixed bypass that did not let MIDI messages go thru for some MIDI plug-ins.
  • Fixed some GUI resizing issues with some VST3 plug-ins.

Late Replies for Windows and Mac is on sale for $99 USD instead of $129 USD at Blue Cat Audio and from distributor Plugin Boutique.