Blue Cat Audio has released a free update for its multiband multi-effects processor capable of loading third party plugins on separate frequency bands.

Version 3.55 of MB-7 Mixer brings the ability to oversample processing (up to 16x) for individual plugins. It is also possible to choose custom colors for all plugin slots. The macro parameters introduced in version 3.5 can now mix the MB-7 Mixer’s own parameters with hosted plugins’ parameters, and can be reordered easily thanks to copy/paste and drag and drop support in the editor.

Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer is a unique plug-in that splits the signal into several frequency bands and lets you mix and process them as if they were separate tracks.

Each band proposes controls that can be found on a mixing console, and more: bypass, mute, or solo each band separately to isolate frequencies you want to work on, adjust the gain, the “stereoness” and the position in the stereo field. When manipulating the stereo image, a master mono switch also lets you check mono compatibility.

Changes in MB-7 Mixer v3.55

  • It is now possible to oversample processing for every plugin (up to 16x).
  • Each individual plugin instance can now be assigned a custom color.
  • Updated factory presets and all built-in plugins with custom colors.
  • MB-7 Mixer can now use its own parameters in macros, mixed together with loaded plugins parameters.
  • Macro Parameters & params assignments can now be saved and copied/pasted.
  • Drag and drop macro parameters to change order / insert / copy.
  • The “Remove” command now removes the selected macro parameter instead of the last one in the list.
  • Graphical user interface refresh performance improvements, especially on Mac.
  • Fixed custom tone maps presets not properly saved for some built-in plugins (Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Sweep Filter, Wave Shaper, Freq Shifter, Wah, EQ).
  • Fixed plugin slot menu issues when loading plugins with more than 22380 parameters on Windows.
  • Updated parameters layout for GUI-less plugins to accommodate plugins with multiple parameters.
  • GUI-less plugins generic editor now follows the MB-7 Mixer’s zoom level.
  • Fixed a crash when opening the editor of a VST2 GUI-less plugin that uses non-unicode encoding in its parameters (piz-midi plugins).
  • LEARN mode is now disabled automatically when the Params Map Editor is closed.
  • AAX plugin now reports the recording status to hosted plugins (in recent versions of Pro Tools that support it).
  • Ableton Live 11: Fixed MB-7 Mixer VST3 MIDI input not detected.

MB-7 Mixer for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU and AAX) is on sale at Plugin Boutique and in the Blue Cat Audio store for $99 USD until June 17th, 2023 (regular $129 USD).