Blue Cat Audio has released version 1.63 of PatchWork, adding to its “universal plug-ins patch bay” the ability to use plug-ins with no user interface and select presets via MIDI.

Blue Cat's PatchWork

Blue Cat’s PatchWork 1.63 now includes a default user interface for Audio Unit and VST plug-ins that do not provide one. It is also possible to load instruments and effect chains from a MIDI controller, using program change and bank select messages. Additional compatibility improvements for Mac users have been also added.

Changes in PatchWork v1.63

  • GUI-less plug-ins support: a generic user interface is now provided for VST or AU plug-ins that do not include a graphical editor.
  • Presets can now be selected using MIDI Program change and bank select messages (can be activated with the presets menu/MIDI Program Change item).
  • Fixed issue with some Audio Unit instruments that did not produce any sound (IK Multimedia, Kontakt…)
  • Added log scale support for Audio Unit parameters.

Blue Cat’s PatchWork for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX/DX) is available for purchase for 59 EUR/$79 USD (VAT excluded).

More information: Blue Cat Audio / PatchWork