Blue Cat Audio has announced the release of an update for 16 of its audio plug-ins: Blue Cat’s Plug’n Script, Dynamics, PatchWork, FreqAnalyst Multi, MB-7 Mixer, Protector, StereoScope Multi, Liny EQ, DP Meter Pro, Oscilloscope Multi, and the Freeware Pack (6 free plug-ins) are now available in VST3 format on both Mac and Windows (32 and 64-bit).

Native VST3 side-chain support in Cubase

Native VST3 side-chain support in Cubase.

In addition to VST3 format support (which benefits are described on the Blue Cat Audio blog), this update includes additional improvements for all plug-in formats regarding presets and skins management, plus compatibility enhancements for plug-in hosting.

It is a recommended update for all users.

The update is free for existing customers and can be downloaded from the same location as the original full version, using the link received by email upon purchase. The VST3 version of the free plug-ins remains free as well.

More information: Blue Cat Audio