Techno Monkeys' Invasion for LuSH-101

Blue-Eyed Blond Ape’s Space Lab has launched Techno Monkeys’ Invasion, a soundset for the LuSH-101 software synthesizer by D16 Group.

This soundbank is suitable for electronic music genres like Techno, House, also Hip Hop and various sub-genres where synthesizer noise is welcomed.

All patches have thoughtful mod-wheel assignments, so that a user wouldn’t need to reach out for knobs on a plugin’s interface, some of assignments can completely transform a given sound. It’s highly advisable to abuse a mod-wheel while going through patches in this soundbank.

Sounds are cleverly programmed and considering lush’s appetite are not CPU intensive, no sacrifices were made concerning sound quality. Soundbank includes a pdf with an installation guide and a few tips on how to get the most use of this soundbank.

Techno Monkeys’ Invasion features

  • 162 presets (124 single layer presets / “Timbres”).
  • Includes 54 Bass, 20 Drums, 10 FX, 35 Keys, 4 Kits, 15 Leads, 22 Pads, 2 Seq.

The soundset costs $30 USD.

More information: Blue-Eyed Blond Ape’s Space Lab