Serafim Tsotsonis, an electronic musician and sound-designer who’s worked on multiple and diverse projects, from composing music for films to releasing on Hush Hush Records to remixing diverse artists, collaborates with Intimate Noise to release his signature sound pack.

Blue Robot is a collection of sentimental and impactful sounds, widely ranging from dark beats to weird synth experimental SFX outcomes, curated to spark inspiration and add an eclectic timbre to the projects used.

Intimate Noise Blue Robot artwork

Who said machines are emotionless? Digging into different fields and setups, Serafim’s Blue Robot captures the soul of what is considered a creative sound design approach.

From thoroughly tracking vintage pianos in order to record their untold secrets, to orchestrating haunting beats, this robot’s task was to deliver inspiration to those searching for impactful and sentimental elements to enrich their productions.

The pack includes:

  • 50 Pads/Drones.
  • 55 Loops.
  • 70 One-Shots.
  • 42 SFX & Voices.

Blue Robot is available at the intro price of 16 EUR/USD/GBP for a limited time (regular 29 EUR). You can download a free teaser pack including snippets from Blue Robot and all previous Intimate Noise’s releases.

More information: Intimate Noise