Bluenoise plugins My Drumset

Bluenoise plugins is offering a free pre-release of My Drumset, an acoustic drum module plug-in similar to BFD and EZdrummer.

My Drumset features

  • 24-bit samples with 5 layers on each drum and cymbal, throught micpres of a Ludwig drumset
  • Outputs for each drum, overheads and ambience mics so you can add compressors and EQ’s as you like (note: outputs are low)
  • Recorded with quality microphones (Neuman, AKG, Microtech, etc), micpres are MCI JH636, Amek Neve and TLA

Note: Install My Drumset by placing both .dll files (Mydrumsetrcoks.dll and Mydrumset70’s.dll) in your VST directory.

This is a pre-release meaning it will have more presets, smoother gui and better velocity overlapping when it is finished. You can already use it with the free EZplayer MIDI library from Toontrack.

Visit Bluenoise plugins for more information and a link to download My Drumset (132MB).