Bluenoise Plugins The Upright

Bluenoise Plugins has released The Upright, a virtual piano instrument for Windows.

The Upright is a great sounding upright piano recorded in a professional studio. The piano recorded is a Hellas. It’s not the most expensive thing made but this particular piano has already been used for several major artist because of its great sound.

The Upright features

  • Interface with a smooth look and controls for microphone outputs, a cutoff filter, chorus, leslie, reverb, delay, ADSR and main output.
  • Recorded with 4 microphones (2 sets consisting of Neumann KM184 and AKG C414 B-XLS), merged into 2 outputs (left and right). The microphones were sent into a Universal Audio 4010 micpres, then through pristine RME converters into Nuendo
  • Samples are raw 24 bit, 44.1 kHz wave files, 4 different velocity layers.
  • The sound is left unaltered, this piano can go from sweet sounding to lo-fi.
  • Effects included: cutoff filter with resonance, a built in leslie with different speeds, a soft chorus, a great sounding reverb for more room and a delay to create that John Lennon sound we love.
  • Easy to use with a logical workflow.
  • Includes 10 presets included from the classic upright sound to really old Lennon sounding stuff like Imagine.
  • MIDI Learn makes it super easy to use an external controller to control the plugin.

The Upright for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 23 EUR/$30 USD/£19 GBP.

More information: Bluenoise Plugins / The Upright