The Bob Moog Foundation has announced the launch of its annual raffle for an iconic, highly coveted, vintage Minimoog Model D synthesizer. This year’s prize has been signed by the legendary Stevie Wonder, whose career has helped shape popular music and inspired people worldwide.

BMF Moog Model D signed by Stevie Wonder

Stevie pioneered the use of synthesizers integrated seamlessly with acoustic sounds, which influenced the development of electronic music.

The Minimoog being offered has been played by Stevie, and his signature comes in the way of two fingerprints, which are affixed to the front panel of the synthesizer in a brass and plexiglass archival enclosure.

Tickets to enter the raffle are $25 USD each, or 5 for $100 USD, and can be purchased through the Bob Moog Foundation’s website.

The raffle, which is open internationally, closes at 11:59pm on Monday, April 22nd, 2019, or when all 5,000 tickets are sold, whichever comes first.

More information: Bob Moog Foundation