BoBSwanS has launched a new soundset for the Prophet 12 synthesizer by Dave Smith Instruments/Sequential.

Following on the first and second volume, this new pack comprises a collection of 99 sounds including pads, bass, keys, brass, plucks, arps, stacks and split patches using poly-channel aftertouch and mod-pitch functionality.

All patches have been programmed exclusively with a Prophet 12 module and a CME Xkey 37 and many include Polyphonic Aftertouch and Mod Wheel functionality. All Patches are compatible with both the Prophet 12 Keyboard and Module.

Please take your time to listen to the audio demo’s I have created.
Lots of these patches have aftertouch modulation programmed and may sound different if you do not have aftertouch enabled.

The soundset is on sale for 12 EUR (regular 16 EUR).

More information: BoBSwanS