Bodhi Jones EDM Vocals sample pack available from Splice


Splice Sounds has released Bodhi Jones EDM Vocals, a sample pack featuring vocal samples by Vancouver based singer-songwriter Bodhi Jones.

Splice Sounds Bodhi Jones EDM Vocals

The pack includes a huge collection of 648 shouts and spoken words.

Five years ago, Bodhi Jones was busking on the street, performing for anyone who would listen. Today, the Canadian topliner is signing tracks to imprints like Armada, Monstercat, and Wall, and has earned nearly ten million Spotify streams. We’re proud to be a part of another major milestone in his blooming career: his first Splice pack!

This vocal pack celebrates the light-hearted side of electronic music. We love the way Bodhi’s uplifting toplines coexist with more irreverent, humorous spoken phrases that can serve as hooks or leads in your productions. If you’re in need of just a little bit of flavor to top off an almost-finished track, his yells and chants are sure to give your track that missing ingredient.

The Bodhi Jones sample pack is now available to Splice subscribers. New users sign up with promo code REKKERD19 to get 1 month free access.

More information: Splice Sounds / Bodhi Jones EDM Vocals

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