BOLDER Sounds BOB American Folk

BOLDER Sounds has released three new sample libraries: BOB American Folk, Granular Conch Shells and Tibetan Granular Textures.

BOB American Folk is a unique collection of American folk instruments from the plucked family, also featuring the entire mandolin family. From garden variety instruments to the unusual hammered dulcimer family Marxophone. This 146 MB set is available in Kontakt, EXS24 and GigaStudio formats for $19.95 USD.

Granular Conch Shells is a collection of 5 different sampled conch shells.

The use of granular synthesis here is in stretching the original samples time duration. This creates a lovely and breathy pad sound. By sampling different size conch shells, different tone colors as well as pitches become available.

The Granular Conch Shells sample library is available in Kontakt and EXS24 formats for $19.95 USD.

Tibetian Granular Textures is a free sample set of granular soundscapes created from Bolder’s Tibetan Singing Bowl library. It features 23 megabytes of moody-metallic granular processing – great for sound track work.

BOLDER Sounds is currently having a summer sale. All products have a discount of 25% until August 1st, so these new libraries cost $14.96 instead of $19.95 USD.

Visit BOLDER Sounds for more information and audio demos, and a link to download the free Tibetian Granular Textures.