BOLDER Sounds BOB Granular Selections

BOLDER Sounds has released BOB Granular Selections, a sample collection of granular synthesis sounds.

While other forms of synthesis are prevalent in nearly everything we hear these days, Granular, with its ground-breaking algorithms and outlandish DSP capabilties, offers the musician/producer a galactic palette of sounds not previously available.

BOB Granular Selections features

  • Selected sound sets from the 600 mb CD ROM Granular Collection.
  • Categories included are Metallic, Loops & Hits, Modal Soundscapes, Pads and Abstract Soundscapes.
  • Formats: GigaStudio 2, KONTAKT 2, Logic Pro EXS24.

BOB Granular Selections is available for $39.95 USD.

Granular Kitchen is a free sound set, featuring some very ordinary kitchen utensils to create atmospheric sounds with a metallic-wintery flavor.

They include a drain cover, a small pot, a pot top (called pot cover) the top part of a wok, a big spatula used for barbecuing and the bottom portion of a steaming pot.

Visit BOLDER Sounds for more information, audio demos and a link to download Granular Kitchen.