Bolder Sounds BOB Miscellaneous

Bolder Sounds has released some new sample libraries: BOB Miscellaneous, Christmas Bells and Granular Christmas Bells.

BOB Miscellaneous is the 10th volume of the Best of Bolder collection, which is now complete.

The B.O.B. Miscellaneous Instruments collection is a set of sounds which I did not feel comfortably fit into the other B.O.B. categories, you can think of them as ‘left-overs’ if you wish, but don’t be fooled -there are some real gems in here.

B.O.B. Miscellaneous Instruments features

  • Accordions (Gigastudio only)
  • Bassoon
  • Bullroarer (Kontakt & EXS only)
  • Celtic Harp
  • Classical Guitar
  • Electric Guitar Volume Swells
  • Monochord
  • Spring Drum
  • Steel Drums
  • Taylor Acoustic Bass Guitar
  • Upright Jazz Bass
  • Water
  • Wind Chimes (Gigastudio only)
  • Zon Fretless Bass

The BOB Miscellaneous set is available for $19.95. The Best Of Bolder Full Collection has a special price of $119.96 USD until January 1, 2009 (normal price $159.95 USD).

Bolder Sounds Christmas Bells
Bolder Sounds has also released Christmas Bells, a sample set that consists of 12 charming Christmas Bells which are attached to a mechanical sequencer of sorts.

The bells are tuned to C5, D5, E5, F5, F#5, G5, A5, Bb5, C6, D6, and E6. I extended the mapping of the lowest sample to A4 and the highest sample to G6 for more flexibility. When put in play mode the sequencer sends a signal to the bell’s ‘clapper’ to play the corresponding bell for the correct note. The play list includes all your typical Holiday favorites like Joy To The World, I Saw Three Ships etc …

Christmas Bells features

  • 86 mb (unzipped) / 58 mb (zipped)
  • 24 bit stereo samples
  • 3 round robins per note
  • Articulations – long decay and short muted samples

Christmas Bells is available for Kontakt & EXS24 for $14.96 USD until January 1, 2009 (normal price $19.95 USD).

Christmas Bells Granular is a free sample set featuring unusual granular pad-like textures from the Christmas Bells library. Also included are 4 hit samples (with long decays) of the bells from the downloadable full version of the bells. Check the free sounds page for more freebies.

Visit Bolder Sounds for more information, audio demos and a link to download Christmas Bells Granular.