Bolder Sounds has released an update to the Buffalo Drum percussion sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Version 2 employs new KSP scripting that allows independent editing of many parameters of both the Hits and Loop Kontakt instruments. Each of the 3 loop tempos can have their own FX chain assigned to them. Independent control over the pitch of each loop tempo is also possible.

In the Hits instrument it is now possible to assign each hit a unique user edited FX chain, allowing the user to create their own unique kits very easily.

This library includes – 4/4 loops recorded at 90 bpm, 6/8 loops at 60 bpm and 6/8 loops converted to a 3 against 2 rhythm with ReCycle! Also included is a Buffalo Drum Hits instrument laid out in a mirror-style mapping scheme so the user can create fills, endings or loops of their own creation.

The sample library costs $44.95 USD. A complimentary copy of Rock Music for Kontakt is included for new owners until May 1, 2020. The library requires Kontakt 6 or higher.

V2 update is available for free to registered owners.

More information: Bolder Sounds