Bolder Sounds Crystal Glasses Volume 2

Bolder Sounds has announced the release of Crystal Glasses Volume 2, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The Crystal Glasses volume 2 is a project I began in 2007. I worked on it sporadically over the last 3 years. Bolder Sounds already has a very popular sound set entitled Crystal Glasses and Meditation Bowls. So – why create another? The crystals recorded in that library date back to the mid 1990’s when 16 bit mono samples was the standard format ( the Meditation Bowls were sampled at a later date in stereo ). Also – the idea of recording these crystal glasses as a group of glasses opened up the door to different sound design opportunities.

Crystal Glasses Volume 2 features

  • Sampled Articulations:
    • Hit Crystal Glasses – (3 round-robins per sample zone).
    • Soft Hit Crystal Glasses – (2 round-robins per sample zone).
    • Singing Crystal Pads – wet finger along rim of glass.
    • Granular Crystal Pads – Ethereal pads created via granular synthesis.
    • Bowed Crystal Glasses – Both short and long articulations.
    • Crystal Morphs – Kontakt multi instruments which morph between individual instruments.
  • Extensive scripting for Kontakt giving the user an elegant and intuitive user interface.
  • Help menu built into the Kontakts front panel.
  • 24 bit stereo sample in .wav format.
  • Total size of the Crystal Glass Volume 2 library is 490 mb (270 .rar download).

Note: Crystal Glasses Volume 2 requires full version of Kontakt 3+. The Kontakt PLAYER will only run for 30 minutes in demo mode.

Crystal Glasses Volume 2 is available to purchase for $49 USD.

Bolder Sounds has also released Granular Water Bottle, a free instrument for Kontakt and EXS24.

This the Klean Kanteen water bottle I drag around with me throughout my day. It has a very nice resonant ‘bonk’ sound to it. Originally I thought I’d sample it as more of a traditional percussion instrument and fill it with sand, rice and water etc.. But once I started applying granular synthesis to just a few hits that I recorded that was the end of the line for me. A whole weird world opened up

More information: Bolder Sounds