Bolder Sounds has released version 3.0 of its Bluegrass Banjo instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Bolder Sounds Bluegrass Banjo

1.65 GB of new samples have been added in the update, bringing the total size to 3.15 GB. The new samples feature pluck positions along the banjo’s string length as well as Scruggs-Keith D-Tuner samples.

Also included are 379 MIDI files to aid in building realistic banjo rolls (arpeggios) and chords, as well as many other new KSP scripting features.

Bluegrass Banjo 3.0 features

  • Up to 5 x independent round-robin per key, for each of the 5 strings of the banjo. Each string was sampled chromatically up to the 17th fret. The first string was sampled beyond the 17th fret.
  • All the strings are sampled on 5 different pluck positions of the banjo.
  • The Pluck Positions can either be selected via Key Switches or via a very advanced Pluck Position velocity selection system. You can freely adjust at what velocity level the different positions will be selected and make any kind of position combinations. All the settings can be saved as Presets.
  • The Bluegrass Banjo V3 also includes 379 MIDI files to help you build realistic banjo arpeggios and chords.
  • Banjo resonance Impulse Response made from the banjo head.
  • Various articulations: Hammer-On and Pull-Off, Half step and Whole step Slide, Harmonic and Scruggs D-Tuner bends. All with 2 x independent round-robin per key.
  • A very advanced and intelligent scripted Pitch Bend and Vibrato control.
  • Detailed KSP scripted control of Fretting Position on the neck of the banjo, including an Auto Fret Selection feature.
  • A Key Switch Page where you can freely assign which key will trigger the various Key Switches and save the settings as Presets.
  • 8 different effects – each with its own Preset menus, so you can save and recall all the various parameters.

Bluegrass Banjo 3.0 for Kontakt 4 or higher (full version) is available for purchase for $59.95 USD. Users of a previous version can update for $24.95 USD (purchase after November 1st, 2016, gets a free update).

More information: Bolder Sounds / Bluegrass Banjo