Loopmasters has launched a new sample pack that blends the infectious energy of traditional sea shanties and folk music with the vibrant sound of mass drumming from a bonfire parade.

The royalty free Bonfire Shanty aims to let you immerse yourself in an instant carnival atmosphere with this unique collection.

The bonfire loops have been carefully crafted using field recordings taken at the renowned Lewes bonfire parade, a centuries-old tradition in Sussex that predates the gunpowder plot. The samples have been cut, processed, and combined to form multiple rhythmic possibilities. You’ll hear everything from marching drums, horns, and glockenspiels to the cheering crowds of revelers.

Shanties were work songs popular on merchant ships from the 1800s. Back then, teams of sailors would be engaged in a single task like hauling ropes or setting sails. The rhythm of the songs helped with both coordination and stamina. ‘Heavy Away Boys’ and ‘John Kanaka’ can still be heard performed in pubs along the Sussex coast. In Bonfire Shanty, the songs are heard in a variety of styles from folk, jazz, and blues to EDM.

The accompaniment in Bonfire Shanty is just as diverse, featuring acoustic and electric guitars, steel guitars, electric bass, banjos, flutes, and autoharps. Additionally, the synths are programmed from scratch and include bass, pads, lead melodic lines plus a host of electro-percussion and effects.

The sample pack is available to purchase for £24.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Bonfire Shanty