Boom Library Virtual Foley Artist Footsteps

BOOM Library has announced the pre-release of Virtual Foley Artist – Footsteps, a new sound effect library.

Some sounds are not of the flashy prominent kind, but rather discreet. Still and without a doubt, their absence would cause an incomplete picture. These sounds accompany certain movements in a very natural way, as an obligatory echo of the usual. Just as FOOTSTEPS do.

As it’s a sound artist’s job to create surroundings of optimum precision and reality, the exact intention is to reflect an audioscape that evokes true and explicit connotations without overstating. Our delicate hearing perception defines how precisely we sketch an image of the real world – or just the opposite.

With VIRTUAL FOLEY ARTIST – FOOTSTEPS, we took into consideration all of these aspects to equip you with the best possible SFX for your given footage. VIRTUAL FOLEY ARTIST – FOOTSTEPS is practically a whole rack of shoes compiled in one single outstanding playable KONTAKT 5 instrument*: it comprises boots, dress shoes, flip-flops, high heels, leather shoes and sneakers. We got accurate recordings of paces on all sorts of different grounds: wood, concrete, metal, sand and parquet. In addition, we added a lot of generic sound layers that can be easily added to the mix. Those layers include sounds of cloth, leather, metal, grass, water and snow. Oh, and of course it also covers the fact that our physical equipment supposes an amount of two feet, so the sounds come to you as distinguished by side and gesture: right or left foot taking steps, slides, stairs; tip, heel, full loading or relieving moves.

PLEASE NOTE: VIRTUAL FOLEY ARTIST – FOOTSTEPS’ key feature is a playable KONTAKT 5 instrument* that enables you to easily synch the Foley steps to your project. Just “play” the steps on your keyboard in synch to the picture and that’s it – absolutely fast and efficient. Scroll down and watch a tutorial to see how easy it is. For those who don’t have a full version of KONTAKT 5 by Native Instruments, we included an extensive set of WAV files of all kinds of shoe-surface combinations.

Here’s a look at the numbers: the VIRTUAL FOLEY ARTIST – FOOTSTEPS collection consists of more than 22.000 single recordings and comprises more than 3.5 GB of high-quality material.
Given this amount of data, we’re pretty confident the VIRTUAL FOLEY ARTIST – FOOTSTEPS library has what you need. So what makes you wait? Ready, set, go!

Virtual Foley Artist – Footsteps is available to pre-order at a 20% discount for 159.20 EUR. The library will be released in mid-July. The playable instrument requires a full version of Kontakt 5.

More information: BOOM Library / Virtual Foley Artist – Footsteps