BOOM Library has announced the release of its new Micro Boom series sample library Doors, a collection of sounds of opening, closing, slamming, and creaking doors.

Bringing BOOM Library’s typical high quality and attention to detail, this is the penultimate collection of Foley door sounds for all sound designers working in the film, game, and video industries. The library includes 3.5 GB of content with 2,100 sounds in 350 files.

This collection not only includes doors, but associated mechanisms as well such as locks, bolts, lockers, and punch cards. Doors range from those of normal apartments to freight elevators to garages, and include effects on different materials, such as doors sliding on sand, pounding on concrete, and more. Every sound was recorded in a close position using an MS or XY setup in both wet and dry, with natural reverb.

The library is on sale at a 20% introdoctory discount until July 6th, 2021 (regular $59 USD / 49 EUR).

More information: BOOM Library