BOOM Library has just released its new Micro-BOOM collection Skate, featuring over 1,800 MB of FX and atmospheres from a skate park, including ambiences recorded using 3D Surround technology.

BOOM Library Skate

SKATE is a sonic journey through a skate park, covering everything from thunderous rolls of wheels on half-pipes, high-speed nose grinds against metal edges, horse-like clops of boards slamming against concrete, an expansive list of flips, tricks, bails and more. BOOM has also included three ambiences – one from the pool and two from the parkour and spectator areas – which were done in 96 kHz high definition 3D Surround audio.

The atmospheres in SKATE were created using highly immersive 3D Surround recording techniques, bringing the listener right into the park. All 3D Surround ambiences also include regular high definition stereo for those who can’t take advantage of the format.

Skate is available at a discounted price of $47.20 USD/39.20 EUR until November 3rd, 2020. The regular price is $59 USD/49 EUR.

More information: BOOM Library