BOOM Library Quiet Planet Basics

BOOM Library has announced the release of Quiet Planet Basics, a sample library featuring over 40GB of essential sounds from all 17 Quiet Planet nature packs.

Nature sounds as you want them: Our Quiet Planet BASICS package is the perfect starter kit for every sound designer who wants to enter the world of professional nature sound design. The comprehensive nature sound library exists of 1.000 stereo files containing the essential sound effects of each library of Gordon Hempton’s Quiet Planet series.

Gordon Hempton himself picked out the most useful and required sound effects for you to give you a comprehensive basic nature ambience and sound library that covers each of his meticulously recorded categories like wind, water, forests, deserts and much much more.

With more than 40GB of sounds, it’s a wonderful basic package to start your career as a professional nature sound design guru. Become part of an impressive sound experience, get some super-clean nature sounds and profit from these high-quality nature recordings by Emmy-winner and nature recording genius Gordon Hempton. All sound files come with detailed content descriptions and have smart metadata with geographic location and species description.

Quiet Planet Basics is available for purchase for 999 EUR. Owners of BOOM Library SFX packs can upgrade at a discount.

More information: BOOM Library