BOOM Library has announced the release of its new effects library Toy Guns. Featuring recordings of everything a toy gun can do the 5.4GB utility package contains over 1,600 sound effects, including grabs, movement, clicks, rattles, spins, snaps, grabs, magazines, reloads, shots and more.

“The recording session allowed us to play around with these toy guns and manipulate them in different ways to see what useful sounds we could get out of [them],” said sound designer David Philipp. “The guns came in completely different shapes and sizes and worked in completely different ways… [The library] ended up including reloads, movements, grabs, creaks, mag inserts, shots, and other miscellaneous switches and catches.”

These fun, non-lethal contraptions will effortlessly complement weapon foleys, flesh out mechanical sounds and can definitely be enough on their own for specific designs.

The sound library costs $59 USD / 49 EUR. Until October 19th, 2021, it can be purchased at a 20% discount.

More information: BOOM Library