BOOM Library has released World War 2 Tanks, a comprehensive, meticulously recorded and edited, high-quality sound effects library of rare WW2 tanks.

BOOM Library World War 2 Tanks

To deliver the best possible product, we teamed up with Pole Position Productions (PPP) from Sweden. PPP shares the same super-high quality standard as the BOOM Library so we’re very proud to present to you the first product of our colaboration.

The WORLD WAR 2 TANKS sound effects library holds a gigantic arsenal of tank sounds. 8 different tanks enable a super-flexible sound design in a military environment. Each tank comes with driveby and onboard maneuvers. The onboard recordings are multi-channel recordings (4x stereo) to perfectly mix the sounds as you wish. Whether it’s a heavily damaged and slow tank or some massive crawling beasts that will – once at full speed – flatten everything that crosses their way. You’re in full control with this SFX library. Besides driveby and multi-channel driving sounds, BOOM Library added some handling sounds and a fine selection of incredible cannon shots.

With more than 27 GB, more than 400 files of high-quality SFX, the WORLD WAR 2 TANKS collection is not only a huge new toolbox for your military projects, but also another incredibly well-sorted library: all sound files come with detailed content descriptions and have smart metadata (SoundMiner® readable) to equip you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible. Delivered in 96 kHz / 24bit, WORLD WAR 2 TANKS grants you high-quality at any time and gives you everything you need for intense tank sound design.

World War 2 Tanks is available for purchase for 249 EUR.

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