BOOM Library has announced the latest update to its ever-growing sound library BOOM ONE, a unique selection of original high quality sound effects, which have not been released in any other BOOM Library collection.

The latest addition brings fire elements and synth sources sounds.

From controlled burns to fire dancers, our latest update is burning with fiery sounds. Our recordists went all out to capture a diverse set of flaming audio effects that were the results of all kinds of testing out different ideas concerning fuels and materials. “The most interesting thing was to think about different experiments – like mixing various materials – and their implementation; getting different sounds while each sound was unexpected and unique,” Tamta Mandzulashvili said.

The update also includes hard-hitting synth-based effects, where we turned the knobs to absolute extreme and punched in the compression and limiters to first blow out our systems and then tame it down just a little to make it safe for your use. These are truly powerful and unique sounds, with huge potential for cinematic and video game uses.

The update is free to subscribers of BOOM ONE. The sound library is available for $549 USD/year, or as a buyout for $2,729 USD.

More information: BOOM Library