BOOM Library has announced an fresh update to its BOOM ONE sound library, adding over 600 new sounds of smacking board sounds at the skate park and everything you could imagine needing for game UI sounds.

Skating is one of the mainstay sports at any park or city scene, so it is an absolute must to have a good collection of basic moves and fails in your library. Our recording pros took a day trip down to the skate park to get the perfect sounds to cover any of your skating needs, including rolls, drops, slides, pick ups, kickflips, jumps, pushes, moves and more.

The majority of the content though is crafted for game sound effects, which includes a ton of synthetic sounds with that bit-crushed retro character. These are sounds that every game really can’t do without, making this update an absolute treasure trove for any sound designers currently working on video games. It covers anything from jumps, items sounds, text scrolls and transitions, to vehicles, whooshes, button presses, clicks, pops and more.

The new update is now available for all BOOM ONE subscribers and their download page and in the BOOM Loader. New users can purchase BOOM ONE at a 20% discount, priced 399 USD/EUR (ex. VAT) per year for a limited time.

More information: BOOM Library