BOOM Library has announced an update to its powerful multi-modular FX processing tool ENRAGE. Version 1.4 comes with 50+ new presets, new macros, and enhanced latency compensation.

In response to your feedback, we got enraged and absolutely massacred our entire audio engine! Upon hulking out and smashing it to smithereens, we came back with a plugin that’s got improved efficiency, accuracy, and performance. Obviously, we’re kidding, but we do listen to all your feedback and consider everything in our updates. With your help, it went from being a pretty sweet plugin on the market to something truly extraordinary.

Changes in ENRAGE v1.4

  • New Tame device: Tame can dynamically detect any peaks in the frequency spectrum, allowing you to remove unwanted resonances or even isolate them. Try it with the side-chain option.
  • New Smooth & Spring mod sources: Smooth is like a filter for modulation. When applied to other mod sources, it allows you to smooth things out and adjust the rise and fall times. Spring applies spring physics to your modulation to make your FX go boing.
  • More macros options: You can now assign up to 24 macro controls, so your sounds can get as complicated as your most enraged imagination.
  • Scalable UI: Resize it to perfectly match your screen size.
  • More presets: 60 new presets, making your preset pack have over 300 choices – a huge variety of starting off points to mangle your sounds.
  • Band Splitter – Linear Phase Mode: Better performance for better and more professional results. Eliminate phasing in the band splitter module to preserve the cleanest and most accurate signal.
  • Latency compensation: With automatic internal latency compensation, all the effects and modulation within ENRAGE are synced automagically if needed, so that everything stays in syn in your preset and in your DAW.
  • Improved performance: Operate up to 2x faster with up to 50% less CPU load.
  • Improved usability: Store and recall Device configurations via drag and drop, save time with new shortcuts and context menus, and lots more.

ENRAGE for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is on sale at a 20% discount until May 8th, 2023 (regular 329 USD/EUR). The update is free to existing owners of ENRAGE.

More information: BOOM Library