Bootsy has announced Density mkII, a new version of the versatile dynamic processing effect plug-in for Windows.

The rumors were true: After quiet a long time of ignoring any update/improvement plans on this one there is finally a completely reworked mkII version already in the making.

Committing to the original concept of Density, the mkII is also aimed at the very same goal: smooth and versatile dynamic processing on the 2bus to provide density in a mix and so to glue all things together.

So if you expect a general purpose compressor or something (as lots folks had requested) – sorry, look elsewhere, there is absolutely no change on the original objective but just the excecution is way improved.

And that ain’t limited to the DSP under the hood but includes an entirely new designed interface and usage concept. Again, the credit here goes to Patrick which meanwhile really scares me: Seeing the current artwork first time knocked me right out of my chair, thats all I can say for the moment.

More details will follow in July.

Visit Variety of Sound for more information.