Bootsy has released version 1.2.1 of Rescue, a freeware signal modelling VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

Rescue v1.2.1 includes an additional Anniversary Edition plug-in — RescueAE, featuring a slightly different signal path, some internal rework, 4x oversampling and a brand new output limiter circuit.

Bootsy RescueAE (Anniversary Edition)

Bootsy RescueAE – Happy anniversary Bootsy!

Bootsy writes at KVR:

in summer 2007 I’ve started my first developments for the “bootsy” VST Plug-Ins series and in autumn that year there was my very first Plug-In release called “Rescue” and therefore all the hassle you can read here in this thread (but which calm down to the end)

To celebrate this, the update 1.2 is now available and contains the “black face” anniversary editon of this plugin.

Note: The original Rescue plug-in hasn’t changed so it can be used in parallel to the RescueAE one.

You can download Rescue v1.2.1 here.