Boscomac has announced The Clapper, a free clap box instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor.

Boscomac The Clapper

Any producer worthy of the name has ever need to claps but it does not always have the time to go into the studio with several people to record claps. And one sample of a clap is freeze, it’s always the same, it’s not ideal.

THE CLAPPER is a claps box that lets you select the number of claps at the same time (up to 7), the offset of the strikes, widening the stereo, the velocity range setting, the detuning of samples, the behavior of the Round Robin and add a treatment crowd: simple and effective!

THE CLAPPER is an instrument to place on any music to give a little spirited. You can use multiple instances at the same time and add your favorite reverb! And what of your hands now? Well, leave them on the mouse, right?

The Clapper is a free download for Reaktor 5 (full version).

More information: Boscomac / The Clapper