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Boscomac releases Tremodraw for Reaktor


Boscomac has announced the release of Tremodraw, a free tremolo effect for Native Instruments Reaktor.

Boscomac Tremodraw

Tremolo is an old effect generally favored by guitarists. On this type of effect, you can usually choose a waveform that modulates the volume, for example a sine wave or a square wave. Sometimes it’s just great, sometimes it is a bit monotonous. Therefore, there is Tremodraw! Yeah…

Tremodraw is a tremolo effect that allows the user to draw a complex pattern from multiple waveforms! The effect will give rhythm to your chords or arpeggios and will allow you to try the Euclidean rhythms. You can apply this effect to any source such as a piano or even cymbals…

Take your brushes, or rather your mouse and draw the pattern that suits you…

Tremodraw is available to download at no charge. Donations are appreciated.

More information: Boscomac / Tremodraw

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