BOSS has announced a new lineup of audio streaming mixers designed for musicians who create online audio and video content.

The Gigcaster 8 and Gigcaster 5 models deliver a range of professional sound tools, music playback functions, and mixing features in self-contained desktop hubs. Creators can stream directly to YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, and other popular platforms via USB or use Gigcaster offline to develop high-quality content for distribution on social media and music streaming services. offline to develop high-quality content for distribution on social media and music streaming services.

Livestreaming, podcasting, and audio/video content creation are essential for musicians to build their brand and promote their music online. The Gigcaster series eliminates hassles with connecting multiple pieces of audio gear, providing everything needed for pro results in one convenient interface.

Drawing on decades of BOSS expertise, each Gigcaster model offers an advanced array of features that make audio content creation easier than ever. Multiple input channels allow users to connect XLR mics and instruments, while a wide selection of premium processing from the BOSS library provides polished, ready-to-go sound. Bluetooth audio is available for streaming music from a mobile device, while main and headphones outputs provide comprehensive sound monitoring for multiple participants.

Guitarists and bassists can directly connect an instrument and play with flagship-level amps and effects derived from the GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor. Dedicated vocal effects from the popular VE series allow users to sing with effects like compression, pitch correction, delay, and reverb, and it’s even possible to dial up harmonies that automatically follow a set key. Effects are also available for speaking—including fun voice transformer effects—along with console effects to enhance the sounds of connected sources.

With Gigcaster’s color touch display, hands-on controls, and smooth workflow, it’s simple to perform complicated streaming tasks using nothing but the hardware. Users can mix sources with faders and mute buttons, view signal levels on screen, and access a deep selection of sound and routing tools with intuitive control. Customizable pads are available to trigger sounds and change up effects with a touch. There’s also extensive support for hands-free control via footswitches, expression pedals, and the GA-FC or GA-FC EX foot controllers.

Each Gigcaster model features an integrated USB audio interface for capturing tracks in music production and livestreaming software. Dedicated apps for Windows and macOS provide access to extended features such as sound pad setup, project backup, audio file conversion, and more.

Gigcaster comes in two configurations to suit different workflow needs.

  • Gigcaster 8 ($699 USD): Premium eight-channel streaming mixer with a direct guitar/bass input, four XLR/TRS combo inputs, an onboard stereo mic, eight sound/effect pads, a 20×14 USB audio interface, and support for onboard multitrack recording to microSD media.
  • Gigcaster 5 ($479 USD): Compact five-channel streaming mixer with a direct guitar/bass input, two XLR inputs, stereo line input, eight virtual sound/effect pads, 16×12 USB audio interface, and more.

The Gigcaster 5 and Gigcaster 8 will be available in the U.S. in May.

More information: BOSS